The Greater Baton Rouge Chapter of the LSU Alumni Association is in a very unique position. The purpose of an alumni chapter is to create a familiar environment for LSU alumni in locations far away from campus.

However, there are over 20,000 LSU alums living within 20 miles of Baton Rouge, La.

Many people assume alumni in the Greater Baton Rouge area wouldn’t need a chapter home, considering they live within the shadows of the stately oaks and broad magnolias.

That is not the case at all.

The Greater Baton Rouge Chapter serves LSU alumni throughout the Capital City and beyond. Raising money for scholarships and hosting events throughout the year, our organization creates a chapter setting here in Baton Rouge.

While the focus of most chapters around the country is LSU Athletics, the Greater Baton Rouge Chapter balances its sports enthusiasm with an emphasis on academics.

Chapter members and friends gather several times during the year to learn more about a particular academic aspect at LSU.

Some of the tours and activities our Chapter has hosted include:

  • Tour of the Department of Landscape Architecture and new Digital Media Center
  • Tour of the new Tennis Facility and meet the team
  • Tour of the new Business College Complex
  • Tour and discussion of the Museum of National Science with Ornithologist Van Remsen
  • Tour of the Olinde Career Center and discussion of resume writing
  • Animal Science tour and discussion
  • Tour of the new Gymnastics Facility and meeting the Team

Members of the Greater Baton Rouge Chapter have gone behind the counter at the campus dairy store to watch ice cream in the making and gazed in amazement as fire fighters in training battled the controlled burn at the preparatory facility.

Chapter members have fed the goats at the agriculture farm and saw a horse gallop on a treadmill at the veterinary school as students conducted a heart rate and recovery test.

Also, we have enjoyed plays at Swine Palace and the remodeled Music and Dramatic Arts building.